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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Proton Sees Good Fortune In Indonesia's Taxi Market

JAKARTA, March 14 (Bernama) -- PT Proton Tracoma Motors has made a commendable entrance to Indonesia's taxi market with its plant in Cikarang ready to assemble 40,000 CKD (completely knocked-down) units of Proton Wira as taxis by September this year.

The current activities in Cikarang plant, located in east Jakarta, include repainting CBU (completely built-up) Wira units to meet the requirements by taxi operators as well as the pre-delivery inspection of Gen-2 and Savvy.

PT Proton Tracoma which started to supply Wira taxi in the republic in August 2006, aims to sell 3,000 units of the vehicles within a one-year period.

"It should not be a problem for us to meet the target," Ahmad Tifli Mohd Taha, Proton Holdings Bhd's general manager, International Sales & Services said during a media briefing here Wednesday on PT Proton Tracoma's operations.

He said besides the taxi market, PT Proton Tracoma was also aiming to capture other fleet retail market and was not discounting the car rental market in the future.

Proton Sdn Bhd and Tracoma Holdings Bhd are the shareholders of PT Proton Tracoma which has a paid-up capital of US$22 million.

PT Proton Tracoma was incorporated on June 23, 2004.

So far, Ahmad Tifli said PT Proton Tracoma had delivered about 600 units of Wira taxi in Pekan Baru besides its current order book of 1,500 units.

"We have also received some 2,000 to 3,000 enquiries from other taxi operators here," he said.

PT Proton Tracoma currently has four major taxi clients namely Puskopau Taxi, Putra Taxi, Intan Pusaka Taxi and Mersindo Taxi, "and some others have shown interest," he said but declined to elaborate.

PT Proton Tracoma is in the third position in supplying taxi in Indonesia and is in a good position to tap other Asean markets, having fulfilled the AFTA requirement to have two assembly plants in two Asean countries.

The Wira taxi can be converted into a passenger car after seven years (requirement in Indonesia for any taxi), showing its hardiness and reliability, Ahmad Tifli said.

He noted that there was no plan to convert Gen-2 and Savvy as taxis here although Proton was well known in the republic as a taxi manufacturer, he added.

Meanwhile, PT Proton Tracoma's director, Mohamad Azeman Redzuan said the Cikarang plant was ready for expansion although the installed capacity will reach 40,000 by September.

The plant has 8,000 installed capacities for CKD car and is presently running at 300 units a month for CBU car repainting.

He said the number of industry vehicles in the republic was expected to increase next year given the strong expectations of economic recovery.

PT Proton Tracoma can benefit from this, he added.


Once PROTON Brand is sold or started to sell as TAXI, People will not buy PROTON as Luxury brand car anymore. People mind set will change, as PROTON name has became a LOW class model at Indonesia. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS of it? YAU MOU GAU...CHOR!!!


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