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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

SPY ----> PROTON Savvy AMT

Savvy AMT – Automatic and Manual? Up to You!

Shah Alam, 15 November 2005 – Proton Malaysia gave the media a preview of the Proton Savvy AMT today. The AMT is actually a manual gearbox, but is ‘clutchless’, at least as far as the driver is concerned. There is no clutch pedal on the floor, but there is a clutch in the gearbox; the difference is, gear changes are automated. The Savvy AMT can be used either as a manual (without a clutch) or as an automatic, giving it additional versatility.

This would be great if more than one person uses the car, especially if each has different preferences.I suppose that a simple way to explain the AMT would be to say that there are three little leprechauns sitting inside your engine bay; when you flick the gear lever to change gears, one little leprechaun will depress the clutch, another will retard the engine a little, while the third one shifts up or down a gear. Then the first leprechaun releases the clutch, and there you go! The technical version is that there are servos controlled by a TCU (Transmission Control Unit) that activate the clutch and shift the gears on demand.

For the record, the Savvy AMT retails for RM45, 888.00 (price on-the-road without insurance). Showrooms throughout the country are ready to take orders.


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