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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

SPY ----> Nissan Crash test facilities

I have some secret photos to show you. These photos are taken in Nissan R&D new crash test department in Japan.

The second photo showing the crash test route or crash car angles and direction. Also you can see the center I means the lines jointed area which is the glass floor, all the High speeds cameras are located here. Where all cars are crashed at this point and photos will be taken automatically.

This is the top view, I think you can see the black round thing like a Window shape on the floor now. It is the crashed point and photos shooting area that I am talking about.

This car is Nissan FUGA. One of the big luxury sedan just launched a year ago in Japan.

This is Tiida, a middle size compact car from Nissan.

Click it to enlarge the photos to full size! Enjoy.


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