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Friday, November 11, 2005

SPY ----> Mazda MX-5 ROADSTER

Mazda Roadster 2006, just awarded as JAPAN CAR OF THE YEAR 2006 AWARD. Let's have a closed look on this models. Click it --> More photos
Overall size and dimension: Full spec in Japanese
Models types: 3 types, ROADSTER or RS or VS (2 DOORS TOPSTACK)
Length x Width x Height: 3995 x 1720 x 1245 mm
Wheel base: 2330 mm
Gross weight: 1090 kg to 1100 kg.
Height from ground: 135 mm (Low profile)
Smallest turning circle: 4.7 m
Seater: 2 only.

Engines and Transmission Specifications:
Engine: 2.0L DOHC
(1998cc In-line 4 16Valves DOHC LF-VE type EGI electronic injection)
Transmission: 2WD/FR 5M/T or 6M/T
Compression ration: 10.8
Max. Output: 170 KW (125PS)/6700rpm and 166 KW (122PS)/6700rpm
Max. Torque: 19.3 Nm (189kgm)/5000rpm.
Capacity: 50 L
Fuel consumption: 11.8 km/L

So, Do you wish to know the ride and handling? Please click on this Videos

Safety features:
The new body structure design from Mazda is target to reduce overall body weight and lower the center of gravity. By increasing the application of high strenght steels materials and aluminium panels on body structure, it can achieved lighter and stronger structure. Lighter weight means better fuel consumption, higher performance and better handling control. This car body structure weight and center of gravity was designed incooperate with human body mass. As a results, they called it "JINBA - ITTAI" means the horse and human combine into one machine.

Chasis and Suspension:
As a sports coupe, besides the engine performance and body structures the next important part of the car is the chasis. Whole new suspension system from Mazda, really improve a lot of handling and breaking performance compare to previous ROADSTER. Let's have a look...

Interior design:
The interior design layout is mainly target for simple and higher quality feels. I think it is good enough for user to play around the features and kept easy control of vehicle.

I like this manual control TOP Stack concept, where user can open and close the top easily, also without worry about maintenance cost. Simple right!

So, What is your judgement? Oops, Of course the price also important.
Price: Click here
ROADSTER: From RM70k to RM80k (2.2 million yen to 2.3 million yen)
RS: RM90K (2.5 million yen)
VS: RM90K to RM 100k (2.5 to 2.6 million yen)

My opinion: (10/10 is 100%)
Exterior: 6/10
Interior: 7/10
Technologies: 8/10
Jugdement: I think it is a very fun car to drive on especially for short distance summer vacation in Japan but it is not suitable in Malaysia. Moreover, the car is too small for daily life usage. No doubt it is for Rich and as 2nd fun car, not for middle and family man in Malaysia. Prices wise if without tax, I think it is very reasonable.

Here is My choice:
Roadster type is more value for money compare to the choices given above.

My recommandation:
No, I am not going to buy it. What about you?

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