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Monday, November 14, 2005

Bumpers Don't Bump!

The Problem!! Click here --> Examples and Videos

A minor crash at just 10 mph can cost you over £4000 (RM24,000 in UK), not to mention your no claims bonus and heaps of inconvenience.

Why?Because Bumpers Don't Bump!New research by Thatcham, the British motor insurers’ research centre has shown conclusively that many vehicles have almost no protection in a minor crash, leading to unnecessarily high amounts of damage. This is due to the fact that the car’s first line protection system, the bumper, is so poorly designed. In some cases, the bumper is actually omitted completely! Typical low speed shunts occur in queues of traffic, at junctions or on busy motorways.

The car in front stops. You, due to a momentary lapse of concentration or misjudgement don’t and... bang!, you run into the car in front. At such slow speeds, injuries are thankfully rare; you’re protected by your seatbelt and airbag, if necessary.But what about your car? Your car should be protected by its bumper system. However, the reality is that most bumpers fail to absorb the energy of a crash, are not properly aligned, or are not fitted at all!
more info. click here--> THAMCHAM ( Full report.pdf / Bumper test.pdf )


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