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Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Malaysian made vehicle --> GEN-2 from Proton

Do you know about PROTON car?? Please click on the above Title to visit PROTON's homepage.
What is GEN-2? How does its looks like? I have some photos to share with you. Here you go!

Just a brief introduction from ME:
The GEN-2 powerplant which is called Proton Campro engine, was originally designed by PROTON R&D and Lotus Engineering

The first and main Manufacturing plant is located at Shah Alam, Malaysia (See photo below). Proton has invested another new plant at Tanjung Malim it is just the north direction with 2 hours drive from the mother plant Shah Alam. The new plant at Tanjung Malim is claims to be one of the most advanced robotic Automated factory in the world and now it is mainly to produce GEN-2 plus future develope models soon.

GEN-2 1.3L - Check this out --> Gen-2 1.3L some good comments from UK Next is GEN-2 1.6L - click this --> Gen-2 1.6L some comments from UKThis is GEN-2 GSX - click this --> Gen-2 GSX some comments from UK
Proton GEN-2 GSX PRICE: £10,595 on the road
CO2 EMISSIONS: 169-192g/km
PERFORMANCE: 0-60mph 12.6s / Max Speed 118mph
FUEL CONSUMPTION: (combined) 39.2mpg
STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin Airbags / reversing sensors
Length x Width x Height: 4310 x 1725 x 1435mm

In general, I like the exterior look especially the hatchback style (Styling from Lotus Engineering) which is very sporty and futuristic design. Sorry the interior design is not the one I prefer, I hope PROTON can improve or do something on it. Example: Redesign the Instrument panel and Seats, of course with higher quality feels that's will definately win my heart to own it. What do you think?

GEN-2 plantform is the same as WAJA (Or called IMPIAN for Export market). Its scored 3-STARs in Euroncap. Click this for full crash test results -- > Euroncap PROTON IMPIAN


Really much better or safer than Hyundai Accent or Nickname called ACCIDENT just scored 1 and half stars. Click this ->Euroncap Hyundai Accent


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What is the main factor for you to buy a Proton Car?
Low price and no other choice due to budget
Good resale value
Low maintenance cost
Ride & Handling is good
Reliable parts, chasis and engine
Good Styling exterior & Interior
Patriotism (I support Made in Malaysia Products)
Follow others (Follow Majorities should be the best choice)