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Monday, November 21, 2005

SPY ----> Nissan Fairlady Z minor change version!

Wow!! Nissan Z, these minor upgrade are great! LED rear Lamps, Front head lamp, including the interior color. Besides the look, Nissan engineer has modified the engine performance too. Manual transmission with Max Output: 294ps up til 7000rpm.
Find out more please click on the title. Sorry only in Japanese version!

日産フェアレディZ バージョン (Nissan Fairlady Z Specifications) ST・6M/T(5A/T)
Length 全長4315、Width 全幅1815、Height 全高1315mm
Wheelbase ホイールベース:2650mm
Vehicle Weight 車両重量:1490kg(1500kg)
Engine エンジン:3.5V6DOHC
Max Output 最高出力:294ps/6400r.p.m.(280ps/6200r.p.m.)
Max Torque 最大トルク:35.7kg-m/4800r.p.m.(37.0kg-m/4800r.p.m.)
Smallest turning circle 最小回転半径:5.4m


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