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Monday, November 07, 2005

SPY ----> Mitsubishi Eclipse Ralliart version

Wow!! Is it a show car? Is it a movie or Animation.....No it is a real car. New Ralliart version of Mitsubishi Eclipse 06. Isn't it looks GREAT!! Sexy babe!! Do you have anythings to say???......... Wish I could get one in Malayisa!! more photos Click this -> MMC eclipse Ralliart

SEMA: Mitsubishi Unveils Ralliart Eclipse Concept

LAS VEGAS — Mitsubishi Motors is looking to secure its place among the top brands at the 2005 SEMA show with seven vehicles, including this Eclipse Ralliart concept to be unveiled Tuesday.

Company officials have been working to keep details of the vehicle under wraps until the 1 p.m. debut at the show, but did say the car will come with a high-performance drivetrain along with a killer exterior design forged at the company's design studio in Cypress, California.

Other vehicles at the show will include two versions of the 2006 Raider, including an off-road rally version as well as a street version of the Dodge Dakota-based pickup.

What this means to you: Long-struggling Mitsubishi knows it has a hit with the Eclipse and is working to score as much as it can from it.

Just another Dreams car for Malaysian......ZZZzzzz

Click here -> More photos


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