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Saturday, November 05, 2005

SPY ----> Honda Civic 2006

Today I'm going to SPY this new model from HONDA. Pet name called CIVIC.
This is the 8th Generation of HONDA CIVIC. As we all espected, Honda's Engine is advance on Fuel consumption and High performance. It is not surprise that, this new Honda Hybrid Engine performance is beyound our expectation. This babe is cool and spacy enough for family use. I think you all will agreed with me.Video Photos

Engine Specification:
1) Engine: 1.3L SOHC with compact type DC Hybrid Fastmotor in-line 4 Gasoline engine. (3 Stage i-VTEC plus IMA new hybrid engine)
2) Transmission: 5 Speeds CVT
3) Compression ratio: 10.8
4) Max.Output: 70Kw (95PS)/6000rpm (Motor output:20PS/2000rpm)
5) Max.Torque: 125Nm (12.5kgm)/4600rpm (Motor torque: 10.5kgm/0~1160rpm)
3) Fuel consumption: 31KM/L (MXB) or 28.5KM/L (MX) (at highway)
4) Max. speed: 180km/h

Hybrid Engine (come with 1.3L + IMA)
Bet you, you will be surprised because this engine has the similar performance Honda engine 1.8L. The only thing that make me worry is the maintance cost, I means the cost of batteries and servicing. So far, I don't have any experience on using such kind of Hybrid car. I guess it will be a small gambling for user. Anyway, it shouldn't be an issue if this car is getting popular someday, I hope. Apparently, Everytime when you use a new invented technology you have to take some risks. Good luck to you and me!!

None Hybrid Engine: 1.8L

New Body Structure.

Wow! Great and how much??


For 1.8L engine: RM60k ~ RM75K (1,879,500Yen ~ 2,142,000Yen)
Oh! the price is really good, Value buy. I would buy it for my wife if happen in Bolehland. Dreaming.....

Body and Chasis:
1) Lenght x Width x Height (LxWxH): 1900mm x 1470mm x 1170mm
2) Weight: 1200 ~ 1280kg
3) Fuel tank size: 50L
4) Smallest turning circle: 5.3m
5) Tyre type: 205/55R16 (None Hybrid 1.8L) or 195/65R15 (Hybrid 1.3L)

Safety features:
1) G-CON: G-Force Control Technology.
2) 5 STARS JNCAP results (Japan)
3) Seat and side Airbags.
4) Two front Airbags.
5) Pedestrians impact reduction front end structure.

1) Vehicle Stability Asssit.
2) Intelligent Highway Cruise Control.

My opinion: (10/10 is 100%)
Exterior: 8/10
Interior: 7/10
Technologies: 10/10
Jugdement: I will buy this model. Super cost saving for Gasoline or petrol.

Here is My choice:
1) Honda Civic 2006
2) Toyota Prius

More info: Motortrader

History of Hybrid engine:


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