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Friday, November 04, 2005

SPY ----> MMC Outlander 2006

I'm going to SPY this new SUV from MITSUBISHI MOTORS now.
The Pet name is called OUTLANDER. (Videos) It is a new type of SUV, also it is first in the world to have both technologies from WRC (AWC technologies) and RALLY (Suspension system) into one unit. Thanks to Mitsubishi's R&D engineers. The new Mitsubishi OUTLANDER was Debut on 17th of OCTORBER in Japan. MMC Official site

I'm interested on the following Specifications. Full Specification (in Japanese)
Power plant:
1) Engine: 2.4L 16v DOHC MIVEC inline 4 Gasoline engine (4B12 2359cc)
- Aluminium Block and plastic intake and achieved weight reduction of 16kg.
2) Transmission: INVECS III Sport mode 6-speeds CVT.
- Electronically controlled 4WD. (Three drive modes: 2WD, 4WD and 4WD LOCK)
3) Compression ratio: 10.5
4) Max.Output: 125kW (170PS)/6000rpm
5) Max.Torque: 226Nm (23kgm)/4100rpm
3) Fuel consumption: 11.6 KM/L (at highway)
4) Max. speed: 180km/h

Body and Chasis:
1) Lenght x Width x Height (LxWxH): 4640mm x 1800mm x 1680mm (Wheelbase: 2670mm)
2) Weight: 1550 ~ 1620kg
3) Fuel tank size: 60L
4) Smallest turning circle: 5.3m
5) Tyre type: 215/70R16 or 225/55R18

Safety features:
1) RISE Body structure: Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution Body structure design.
2) 6 STARS JNCAP results (Japan)
3) Seat and side Airbags.
4) Two front Airbags.
5) Pedestrians impact reduction front end structure.

1) Roof Panel: Aluminium.

2) Audio Sound system: Rockford Fogate, with 8 inch 650Watt Subwoofer, 9 speakers.
3) Keyless entry.
4) 18 inch Alloy Rims.

5) AWC system (All wheels Control).
6) HID Head Lamps and LED break lights.
7) ABS as standard.
8) with 3 rows and 7 seater interior as an option.

Outlander Photos from Carviews

From RM70k to RM90K (2,352,000Yen to 2,646,000Yen before tax)
I would say the price is not cheap but very resonable and value for money.

My opinion: (10/10 is 100%)
Exterior: 9/10
Interior: 9/10
Technologies: 9/10
Jugdement: I will buy this model. It is a fun car to drive in city and off road. I love this SUV.

Here is My choice:
1) Mitsubishi SUV Outlander 2006
2) Toyota Harrier
3) Toyota RAV-4
4) Honda CR-V
5) Nissan Murano
6) Nissan X-trial
7) Subaru Forester

Info. of Competitors cars

More videos Click here --> AutoBytel-Japan and
Details of Outlander:


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