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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Satria Neo debuts in Singapore

PROTON'S latest model, the Satria Neo hatchback, has made its debut it Singapore, marking the car's first foray into an overseas market.

The Satria Neo is the successor to the national car manufacturer’s popular and award winning three-door Satria model, and it is expected to continue the outstanding performance and winning characteristics of its predecessor in Singapore.

The first version of the Satria Neo to enter the republic is the 1.6-litre Hi-Line variant, available in automatic and manual transmission.

The model, which was launched in Singapore on Sept 8, is distributed and sold by Proton Singapore Pte Ltd (PS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Proton Edar Bhd.

Proton Singapore director Moses Tan said the Satria Neo, besides being stylishly designed, is much safer and has better handling than many other Asian cars in its segment.

"It is certainly comparable with its competitors originated from other countries, thus we are confident that this new model will pave the way for Proton's next generation of models to come," he said.


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