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Friday, November 25, 2005

SPY ----> Hyundai HDC9 Talus (SUV concept car)

Wow! Is this Hyundai Santa-fe 2007??
Nice looking model! But the interior is a bit suck! cheap plastic feel.

More photos click here -> Santa-fe 2007

A concept car (Sketch shown above is HC9) just ready to roll out at Detroit Motor Show soon. It seems that, Hyundai is moving to the right direction now. They used to be producing Ulgy cars and bad interior taste, but recently I think they had noticed it. Maybe for Korean it's looks great but for majority of the customer in other countries said sucks. I hope the management had learned enough lessons on Styling because majority customers are the winner. On the other hand, Hyundai's car quality and durability issue still exist. I hope they will improve it in parallel not just good looking but bad quality. Click this -> Hyundai-lemon

More info: News

Just wonder when can our be loved PROTON reach the same level as this Korean company? 2010?
Apparently, Hyundai is moving forward to be top 5 soon. But PROTON still moving backwards from Top to bottom now, they can't even beat Perodua in 2007 as forecast by automotive industrial journalist. What can PROTON do??? Work harder man!! We always support you!


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