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Friday, November 25, 2005

SPY ----> Chevrolet SX3 SUV

Chevrolet will strengthen its global growth strategy with the introduction of a new range of small, compact and midsize vehicles throughout Europe , beginning in January 2005.
Initially the product will be developed for Europe by GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Company Ltd. (GM DAT) in South Korea, but over time additional models will be introduced from other facilities within GM's worldwide manufacturing network. This reflects GM’s strategy to increasingly position Chevrolet as its affordable entry-level brand for developed markets, and a volume mainstream brand for emerging markets. Source

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Length 4639.00 mm 182.6 in.
Width 1848.00 mm 72.8 in.
Height 1722.00 mm 67.8 in.
Wheelbase 2.70 m 106.3 in. (2700 mm.)
Seating Capacity 7
Tyre: 20"

2.4L In-line 4 and V6 3.2L Gasoline Engine
Max Output: 150HP

First target Debut on next Year Summer in Europe.


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