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Monday, November 28, 2005

Paris-Dakar Rally champion - PAJERO EVO

Paris-Dakar rally trophy is not easy to be WON.

There are all together 508 teams which included:
240 motorcross bikes
188 Vehicles
240 Trucks

Total distance about 9043KM, mostly no sign boards or road to guide you. Direction decided by Driver and unpredictable road conditions a long the way. The only word can say is GOOD LUCK!!

Mitsubishi Team so-called Team Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart is the best team ever, they were the champion for 5 consecutive years. And they have won more than 10 times in top 10 list. With the super rally car so-called PAJERO-EVOLUTION (Picture shown below).

I strongly believed this team and machine will be champion again in next year 2006 Paris-Dakar rally race. Holly Cow!

One of the Rally's driver Mr.Mazuoka, he had decided to buy Mitsubishi OUTLANDER today. Mazuoka's family photos.

Here are the HEROS!! congratulations to YOU!


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