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Friday, November 10, 2006

Proton needs strong global partner, vendors

Proton Holdings Bhd needs a strong global partner to help it address numerous problems, such as brand perception, and regain market share, its vendors said.

Proton Vendors Association president Dr Wan Mohamed Wan Embong said: “Any development to help find an equity partner or partners is welcomed by our members, but it must be a strategic alliance that would help Proton and not a strategic acquisition.”

He said Volkswagen or any other major carmakers would have superior quality compared with Proton, and the partnership would help the national carmaker to compete effectively in the international market.

“It is better to have a small piece of a large cake than having the entire share of a small cake,” he told FinancialDaily on Nov 9 when asked to comment on the government’s decision to consider giving approval to German carmaker Volkswagen AG to take up a 51% controlling stake in Proton Holdings Bhd's manufacturing operations.

“As far as the vendors are concerned, they should change or be damned. They should change their attitude, accountability and (adopt) a higher standard of quality if they want to compete globally.

Wan Mohamed said the association’s members had no problems with the latest development and would continue to improve quality to meet the demand of the global market.

Meanwhile, UMW Holdings Bhd managing director Datuk Abdul Halim Harun said the government’s decision on Proton would not affect the group’s growth.

“It doesn’t effect our growth; competition is almost everywhere. Even if they (Proton and VW) forge a JV (joint venture), competition is still there,” he said.

However, Abdul Halim said if the deal does go through, it would be good for the country, as it would provide Proton new technology and a new direction.


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