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Monday, August 21, 2006

High Neo bookings push up Proton car sales

PETALING JAYA: Sales of automobiles by Proton Holdings Bhd were up significantly in July but the car company is still some way from displacing Perodua from the perch of auto sales in the country.

Based on car registrations with the Road Transport Department (RTD), Proton is set to report a 20% rise in sales in July to just over 10,000 units from the low of 8,300 units recorded in June. Proton sales averaged about 10,000 cars per month for the first half of the year.

“The heartening thing is that the sales are also trending higher this month,'' said a source.

Proton sales have been bolstered by the launch of the Satria Neo, which is said to be enjoying healthy booking numbers.

While the improvement in sales was roundly welcomed by Proton, it was insufficient to overtake Perodua, which according to company officials, had one of its worst months for the year in July.

A Perodua official said registrations of its cars in July totalled 13,800, which was the worst since May.

He said this had to do with the working days in the month plus the smoothening out of registrations by RTD, as most car registrations took place towards the last few working days of the month.

He expects sales to pick up from August onwards as the festive seasons draw nearer.


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