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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

SPY ----> Mitsubishi i (Launched at Japan)

New concept of Mini car from Mitsubishi, just launched at Japan yesterday.
Engine is located at the back, the front only install radiator and battery.

More information:

New 12-valve DOHC MIVEC intercooler-turbocharged engine with aluminum cylinder block
"i" is powered by a brand-new 3-cylinder engine that mates variable valve timing technology (MIVEC) on the intake valvetrain with an intercooler-turbocharger the only minicar power unit to do so, to deliver high performance and return excellent fuel economy and clean emissions. Despite its turbocharged specification, "i" earns a 3-star rating for emission levels that are 50% lower than required by Japanese 2005 Emission Regulations and returns fuel consumption that meets Japanese 2010 fuel economy standards.Using an aluminum cylinder block and resin intake manifold, the new engine was made lighter and more compact. An electronic throttle delivers silky-smooth acceleration despite the engine's turbocharged specification. Also, a higher overall engine stiffness and the use of a silent timing chain contributes to quieter and smoother operation for category-eclipsing levels of comfort.

Frontal impact test results:

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